Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Journal Cover for September 2022

Volume 2 Issue 9

Title: Serum Cystatin C Reference Interval and Derived Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Values in Healthy Adult Zimbabwean Blood Donors

Authors: Colleen Rakabopa; ZAR Gomo; Greanious Alfred Mavondo; Cuthbert Musarurwa

Country: Zimbabwe

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DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2022.v02i09.001

Title: A Theoretical FRAMEWORK for the Development of Perinatal Period Mental Health Guidelines in Zimbabwe

Authors: Calleta Gwatiringa; Lebitsi Maud Modiba; Greanious Alfred Mavondo

Country: Zimbabwe

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DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2022.v02i09.002

Title: Content of Heavy Metals in Poultry and Local (Free Range) Chickens raised within Gwagwalada Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria

Authors: Noela C. Igwemmar; Samuel E. Kakulu

Country: Nigeria

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DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2022.v02i09.003

Title: An Analysis of the Current and Future Social Support Trajectories and Interventional Dimensions Necessary for the Elderly in Cheshanga, Mberengwa District, Zimbabwe: What will Tomorrow Bring?

Authors: Khangelani Shoko; Greanious Alfred Mavondo; Francis Farai Chikuse; Benjamini

Country: Zimbabwe / Namibia

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DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2022.v02i09.004

Title: Factors Influencing Drug Abuse among Youth (15-24 Years) in Kisenyi Slum, Kampala District of Uganda

Authors: Immaculate Nakibuuka; Margaret Joy Nalubega

Country: Uganda

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DOI: 10.47760/cognizance.2022.v02i09.005